Single beeswax tealights

Single beeswax tealights

Single beeswax tealights

100% pure Australian beeswax tealights in clear plastic reusable cups for a more visible and beautiful glow.

Individually hand poured using a teapot

light honey aroma

4-5 hour burntime 

(NB - tealights are designed to be burnt in a single sitting)

Keep your cups, we sell refills!

*Also available discounted as a bag of 10

*Did you know that beeswax candles burn smoke free and purify the air while they burn? Beeswax is a natural ioniser - emitting negative ions when burned which means dusts, pollens, nasty odours, viruses, bacteria, germs and even toxic residues are removed from the air in your home simply by burning these beautiful candles.

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