Minette's Vintage - Who is Minette?

So who is Minette?

and well you might ask. Lots of people do when they walk in the door of the shop.

Probably because I plastered a huge banner with those exact words on it across the newspapered front window in the months leading up to the opening.

I wasn't sure exactly how long it would take to finish up at work, get all the permits and licenses required and turn the space into a shop so I wanted to give the locals something to talk about while they waited.

I needn't have worried, my furry little friend scratched away the bottom sheets of newspaper on a daily basis in an attempt to improve the street view of his new pad so we had to make a compromise - a proper window.

You think that didn't cause a stir on the street, little poser. I think the locals were expecting a pet shop by the time we opened.

Minette is my middle name, the same as my Mother and we are named after her paternal Grandmother. I was teased endlessly for it as a child and so I didn’t learn to love it until my teens when I was studying French and connected with that side of my family only to realise that's where my Gypsy tendancies came from!

Mum has a school case full of all Minette’s love letter postcards from the early 1900’s and as they are such treasures I copied a selection and used the beautiful images to decoupage an original 1940's chalk mannequin I had been dragging around with me for years. It was the first item I had ever attempted to decoupage and it was quite a challenge with all thiose curves and that tiny wasp waist, but I’m really pleased with the result, she’s beautiful and now I have Minette's essence with me in the store which is only appropriate since she is my muse.

So Minette is me, my Gypsy Great Grandmother's essence, a naughty little white cat and a passion for all things vintage, vintage inspired, up-cycled and reloved.


Whether you're shopping in our virtual store or our bricks and mortar you can expect to find a lovingly curated and ever-evolving selection of vintage clothing, accessories, toys, curios, furniture and up-cycled jewellery and clothing. We also offer a selection of unique stationery, cards and homewares for inspired gifting all offered with old-fashioned personal service


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