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For the love of Kimono # 1 - Styling and Wearing
Since you all seem to love vintage kimonos as much as I do, I thought it high time we had a chat about all things Kimono.
I have been overwhelmed by all the lovely comments I’ve received on the new pieces added to the shop and have been happy-sad to wave goodbye to the beauties who have found their new forever homes.
Now because I want you all to get the most out of them, I’ve put together a few ideas on the styling and wearing and tips from an expert on the loving and caring.
So let’s get to it.

Styling and wearing your new-to-you vintage kimono

True vintage Kimonos are usually super long (originally to allow for the height of the ‘Geta’ wooden shoes plus trailing length) and so need to be taken up for wearing with a modern wardrobe (unless you’re a six-foot amazon in stilettos, in which case - throw it on, off you go and please don’t stand next to me)

For the rest of us mere mortals, a very wearable length is mid-calf or ankle bone. This allows for wearing with flat shoes and heels alike, depending on mood. If you are buying your kimono from us, you’re in luck – we offer a hemming service specifically for kimonos here.

If you already have your kimono and need it hemmed, take the time and care to do it beautifully yourself or take it somewhere where they will do it by hand, with reverence. No nasty machine run-through jobs please!

Right, so now your kimono is ready-to-wear length, you have lots of options –


The duster coat:

One of my personal favourites.

Usually over a thread-bare vintage band tee with high-waisted jeans and ankle boots but as long as there’s jeans and a top involved – you get the idea, make it your own.

Kimono styling from Because I'm Addicted

Image via Because I’m Addicted

 Equally as good in Summer over shorts

 Boho kimono styling via webinspo.com

Image via Web Inspo Pinterest

This look is not just for boho babes - Try a pair of fifties-style, cuffed, high-waisted shorts with a striped tee for a cleaner nautical look.


Also wonderful over a frock (extra points for clashing prints) 

Usually better belted in this instance but it depends on the shape of the frock underneath.

 Belted -

Layered kimono styling via The Estelle Report
Image from The Estelle Report
 Worn open over a sac or sheath style dress -
Urban kimono styling via trendsurvivor.com

Image via Trend Survivor

 Both fabulous, so do what feels good for you!

As a dress – either over a skirt or alone if there is enough fabric overlap to keep your knickers out of sight.

Layered kimono styling via The Estelle report

Image from The Estelle Report

 Haori – or hip length kimono are much easier to style as they are basically a boxy jacket and can be thrown over just about any outfit.

 Oversized and draped for the slinky fabrics -

Haori styling via The Estelle report

Image from The Estelle Report

 Better worn fitted for the stiffer fabrics –

Haori styling via obiettivodonna.it

Image via Obietti Vodonna 

Or belted for a more figure hugging feminine look - 

Belted Haori styling via Rafamar Pinterest
Image via Rafamar

I hope that's given you enough inspiration to dive into your wardrobe and put together your own kimono looks, give it a try and tag us on your pics! @minettesvintage #stylemekimono


So that takes care of the personal styling, but kimonos also make the most incredible styling pieces for the home/office/studio with very little effort or styling knack required. Here are a few ideas to get you started:



Show off the beautiful shape by hanging your kimono from a bamboo pole/piece of driftwood/broom handle whatever takes your fancy as long as it is long enough for hanging space on either side of the sleeve and smooth enough that sliding it through the delicate fabric won't snag or damage it.

Choose kimono for filling larger wall spaces -

Available in the shop, you can find it here

 Haori for hanging above pieces of furniture like the bed -

Available in the shop, for more info go here


 I can't tell you how long I have had my favourite kimono hanging off the front of my wardrobe - years at the very least. If it's not on my body that's where it lives.

Artwork is simply beautiful things arranged so you can admire them around the home - so why not clothing?

Kimono as home decor


 A mannequin is a gorgeous piece of home decor in itself, so why not drape her in a beautiful kimono occasionally? Just make sure it is not left in direct sunlight that will fade and rot the delicate fabric over time.

Available in store, go here for more info

 So as you can see, you are only limited by your imagination. Whether you want to try adding one to your wardrobe to wear, or to use as decor - kimonos can bring so much colour and beauty into your life.


Now we get to the all-important loving and caring part, but I seem to have gone on a little longer than originally intended so I'll pop that in a separate blog post.

See you there - For the love of kimono #2


Do you have any kimonos?

Share in the comments below how you enjoy yours and what made you buy your first one, I’d love to know!


Amy Minette


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