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Last minute decisions and garage sales

There’s nothing like a last minute decision to give you the kick in the pants to get organised now is there?

I must have been living under a rock running a shop because I only just stumbled across the Garage Sale Trail today during my afternoon tea-and-Instagram flick and it’s already in its 5th year.

It is Australia’s biggest community and sustainability event and each year there are over 3 million items for sale!

It is happening this Saturday October 24th and I decided I wanted to take part. Yes. 2 days before the event that people have been registering and planning for, for around 2 months.

As I said earlier – Nothing like a last minute decision to give you a red hot poker up the jacksy to get organised!  (*note to self to find out the origins of this somewhat uncouth saying, stay tuned for a later blog about my findings)

Minette’s Vintage  has always been interested in community and sustainability so this is a wonderful way to introduce our new community of Yarraville to Minette’s and open the doors to our new space for old friends to come and visit, have a natter and grab a few bargains while we’re at it.

It also means that the new sunglasses stand that finally arrived today (broken and seriously ugly) after chasing it through a TNT warehouse disaster a week ago will need to be completely disassembled, appropriately découpaged and reassembled lickety-split.

So my friends, this is my invitation to you to come along to sunny Yarraville this Saturday, check out our new space, have a poke through the racks and baskets of goodies on offer, make some new friends, maybe wander into the village for a coffee and some nosh and then go about your weekend as you please.

All details can be found here.


Hope to see you,

Amy Minette


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Posted 23 November 2016 at 14:02 by Pat Carroll

I have a few very nice outfits from the 60/70s and was wondering if you would be interested in looking at them. Do you also buy items such as these?

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